After the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, a number of youth led organisations have been set up in the country to support the young survivors and orphans who where left alone and homeless. These organisations aim to inspire and empower young people to be future leaders in the fight against genocide, supporting each other and building a united Rwanda.
National Youth Council
The National Youth Council of Rwanda facilitates and encourages young people to participate in socio-economic development and to build a peaceful and prosperous society.

The Association of Student Genocide Survivors (known as AERG) is a group of survivors of the genocide who connect and represent student survivors across Rwanda.

Peace and Love Proclaimers

Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP) empowers students to take responsibility for establishing a more unified nation within their respective countries.


IDebate Rwanda is a youth led organisation that uses debate to change the lives of young Africans - by teaching them how to solve problems critically and creatively.

Aegis Youth Department

The Aegis Youth Department coordinates Aegis Trust youth activities related to genocide prevention and peace building.

GAERG (Groupe des Anciens Etudiants et Elèves Rescapés du Génocide)was formed by graduate students and alumni survivors of the genocide.
Explore collection of creative materials that were submitted by the youth in Rwanda and internationally related to the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.
Youth in Action
Walk to Remember

Walk to Remember is a series of activities created to unite the international community and empower young people to take action against genocide and mass atrocities.


On the last Saturday of each month, millions of Rwandans work together to improve their communities. This programme is called Umuganda, meaning ‘coming together in common purpose’.

Film and Photography
Young people of Rwanda share the stories from their communities through photography. 

Young people run campaigns to raise awareness about the needs of survivors and raise funds to support peace building initiatives.

A Million Voices

A Million Voices is your chance to share a message of remembrance, renewed hope for the future and unite your generation around shared human values.


Young people of Rwanda share messages of peace through paintings, drawings and poems. Their art pieces have been part of a travelling exhibition that has visited districts across Rwanda over a period of three months.

Debate and Dialogue
Young people get together to tackle issues that affect their communities through analytical thinking, critical discussions and transformative solutions.